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Sapphire Touch Wing
BRAND Avolites

The perfect partner to the Sapphire Touch console 

The Sapphire Touch offers all the tools to expand your Sapphire Touch console to operate even the most fader intensive stadium shows. With 30 additional touch sensitive, motorised faders, all your cues are at your fingertips for flawless live busking. 

Also featuring an additional high brightness 15.6" touch screen, the Sapphire Touch Wing brings these features to you without compromising on your workspace. Connect one Sapphire Touch Wing (optimised for left or right positioning via switch) or two wings for maximum creative freedom. 

Detail : 

- 30 additional touch sensitive, motorised, automated faders 

- 15.6" high brightness touch screen 

- Independent page control for each row of 15 faders 

- Screen articulation 

- Connects via USB & Dual Link DVI 

- Lamp socket 

- Connect up to two Sapphire Touch Wings to Sapphire Touch console 

- Dimensions (mm):  470 x 719 x 400 

- Weights: 37Kg 
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