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Titan Mobile Wing

Titan Mobile Wing 

Titan Mobile Wing gives direct access to items that are always needed, such as Shape Overlay Cues, Blinders, House Lights, Smoke Machines or Performer Key Lights for TV productions. The generous, 30 User Programme Executors offer control or selection of Cues, Lists, Palettes, Groups or user programmable Macros. 

As our industry ‘greens up’ and wises up, many shows have become ‘festival tours’ where the only things to be freighted around are the band, designers and flexible control systems. 

The control surface of TITAN Mobile coupled with Avolites touring experience enables designers to ‘keep it live’ while preserving their shows visual integrity. 

Live Playbacks, Solo and Flash buttons, user programmable buttons and Attribute controllers enable fast and accurate show programming in a flight friendly package. Avolites TITAN Mobile – catering to the needs of our ever changing industry. 

Direct output of 4 fully isolated DMX universes, to help protect your Titan Mobile and Laptop against power surges on a DMX LINE, and up to 16 DMX universes output via ARTnet. 

20개 페이더 X 60페이지, 30개 매트로 버튼 

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Titan Mobile, Tiger Touch, Titan Expert, Sapphire Touch 
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